St. Jude Thrift Shop


Ministry Contact:  Grace Del Monico

Ministry Profile:  A retail operation set up to sell apparel and accessories, china, books and much more.  Monies raised support OLPH Parish, Mother Teresa Regional School, and the needs of the community.



151 Navesink Avenue

Highlands, NJ 07732

(732) 872-0066


Hours of Operation:


9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.




Lucille Anthony, Joan Brink, Sheila Brown, Kathy Ciambruschini, Grace DelMonaco, Trish Flanagan, Delores Francy, Mary Ellen Hayes, Antionette Knittle, Dottie Kovic, Carmella & Don Manrodt, Chris Marchetti, Rose Penta, Pat Stewart






March 4, 2010


Our doors will re-open on Thursday, March 4th; 

50% off entire store items!

Hope to see you...we've missed you!



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November 15, 2009

Volunteers in Action!


During the temporary closing of St. Jude's Thrift Shop, many volunteers from the parish and community are working long, hard hours to get the shop back in tip-top shape...THANKS TO ALL!


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June 7, 2009

Ten Year Anniversary

Bishop Smith's Blessing


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All About St. Jude:


The St. Jude Thrift Shop of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Highlands, N.J. opened in 1999 and offers a fresh shopping experience set in a charming Victorian house.  St. Jude features men's, women's and children's apparel and accessories, PLUS, china, house wares and much more!

Visit this secret treasure at the Jersey shore and enjoy the experience!



The doors are open!  Official ribbon-cutting ceremony with Fr. John Dobrosky, Grace Del Monaco, and Rev. Dave Adams.



Above, St. Jude's original "ground-breaking crew" -- these volunteers have been working diligently since its doors opened and they are still going strong!  

We applaud their service and hard work, and for making St. Jude an integral part of our parish community; and, at the same time, we miss those who are no longer with us.



St. Jude memories then......


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St. Jude memories now......




from left: Dottie Kovic, Joan Brink, Trish Flanagan, Shelia Brown, Mary Muller, Lucille Anthony, and Sr Mary Lou Anthony


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